Lawless Lawyer (2018)
Oct 10 2019

Lawless Lawyer (2018)

ταινια Lawless Lawyer (2018) online greek subtitles Προστέθηκαν όλα τα επεισόδια (Σύνολο επεισοδίων 16)Bong Sang-Pil works as an attorney and has one of the highest win rates in the country. Bong Sang-Pil will take advantage of any loopholes in the law. He stands before the court for his mother’s revenge, opposing absolute power. When Bong Sang-Pil (Lee Joon-Gi) was little, he lived with his mother in Gisung. His mother worked as a lawyer and she took on a case that Judge Cha Moon-Sook (Lee Hye-Young) got involved with. Judge Cha Moon-Sook was the most respected person in the city. One night, Bong Sang-Pil witnessed his mother get killed by Judge Cha Moon-Sooks subordinate (Choi Min-Soo). Bong Sang-Pil got out of Gisung and went to live with his gang boss uncle Choi Dae-Woong (Ahn Nae-Sang). Bong Sang-Pl decided to become a lawyer to take revenge on those responsible for his mothers death. 18 years later, Bong Sang-Pil works as a lawyer. He sees news on the TV that a detective was arrested for killing the mayor of Gisung. The detective holds a key to the murder of Bong Sang-Pils mother. Bong Sang-Pil returns to Gisung for the first time in 18 years. He opens up a law office there. Meanwhile, Ha Jae-Yi (Seo Ye-Ji) is a lawyer with integrity. She beats up a judge in court and gets her law license suspended. Ha Jae-Yi returns to her hometown of Gisung. There, Bong Sang-Pil approaches Ha Jae-Yi and gets her to work at his law office. Bong Sang-Pil holds a secret related to the death of Ha Jae-Yi’s mother.

Lawless Lawyer (2018) online greek subs

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