Loverboy / Γεννημένος εραστής (1989)
Mar 27 2015

Loverboy / Γεννημένος εραστής (1989)

  • Είδος ταινίας:
  • Load / Κωμωδία
  • Χώρα:
  • USA
  • Director:
  • Joan Micklin Silver
  • Υπότιτλοι:
  • Ελληνικοί
ταινια Loverboy / Γεννημένος εραστής (1989) online greek subtitles College sophomore Randy Bodek is unfocused. The only thing he knows is that he loves his roommate, Jenny Gordon, who feels unappreciated as other things in his life seem to take precedent over her. He hasn't even told his parents, Diane and Joe Bodek, that he is living with a female, let alone a significant other. As such, Jenny breaks up with him at the end of the semester. While Randy is home during the summer break, Joe, against Diane's wishes, decides not to fund Randy's college education anymore as he is flunking all his classes, and hasn't yet declared a major. Not knowing what to do besides try to get back to college if only to be with Jenny, Randy gets a minimum wage job as a delivery guy at a pizza joint. During the course of his job, he meets Alex Barnett, a beautiful, older, sophisticated woman who likes pizzas with extra anchovies. To his surprise, she seduces him, after their sexual encounter which she gives him $200 to help him get back to college. Without telling him, she ends up telling her neglected, married female friends about Randy. As such, the pizza joint starts getting a lot of orders for pizzas with extra anchovies.

Loverboy / Γεννημένος εραστής (1989) online greek subs

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